Tofu Cat Litter



Health & Environmental Friendly

PetOneCat is an environmental friendly cat litter, which contains pea fiber. Since it can reduce 99% dust, the PetOneCat cat litter can protect the cats' respiratory and urinary system perfectly.Naturally degradable, even can fertilize the garden!

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Performance Test

Compared with other cat litter, petonecat has improved water absorption performance by 30%.Can reduce the growth of bacteria effectively by quicker clumping and easier scooping.Ultra odor control—purify 99% smells,keep the air fresh.

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Won' t break your bank

PetOneCat cat litter provides higher cost performance by 30 days usage per bag(lighter weight, lower price,super effect). We promise that if you are not satisfied with our products, we offer hassle free returns within 30 days.

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Customer Testimonials

We sincerely listen to every customer.

Happy cat, no dust, easy cleanup
This is much better litter than the Arm and Hammer brand I was using previously. It is lightweight, clumps well, and doesn't release any dust. It is easy to scoop because of its noodle shape.

Theresa W Chavez

I introduced my cat to PetOneCat Tofu Cat Litter by mixing it 50:50 with her old litter. She took to it just fine and now it is 100% new litter. I love that there is no dust and tracking is minimal. I smell no odor after she uses it. The odor was a problem with my previous litter. PetOneCat Tofu Cat Litter has all the features I look for in a cat litter. I am totally pleased. So glad I found this litter. It is worth the price.

Marie P Cox

It really is a great tofu cat litter
I love this tofu cat litter! I found it when I was looking for a litter that was low tracking and didn't smell like cat litter. It doesn't seem to smell, it's definitely lower tracking than clay litter. It clumps well and is pretty easy to scoop. My kitty loves it too :)

Heather G Montgomery

We are keen to listen to our customers' opinions, which will make our products perfect. And we always believe that good products will always be recognized by our customers through quality.


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