Natural Materials of PetOneCat™ Tofu Cat Litter

 Peas are a very popular food and often processed into Canned Fresh Sweet Peas, Baked Pea Snacks, and Baby Food Pea Puree. In our daily life, peas often made into delicious foods at our dinner table, such as Split Pea Soup, Pea Pasta, or tofu.
Although PetOneCat™ Tofu Cat Litter contains the word “tofu”, the main ingredient is pea residue. As by-product, how to deal with pea residue is an onging issue in food industry. Usually pea residues are used to feed domestic animals,or to fertilize the land but the storage and the disposal procedure can cause serious environmental pollution.
PetOneCat™  is a company that develops products for cats, and the feature products is cat litter. We are committed to using all-natural plant-based materials, lower-pollution processes to create cost-effective cat litter that meets the needs of most cat-owner
After years of research and development we finally found that tofu cat litter made from pea residues has the best water absorption and deodorization than other plant-based materials  Naturally, we worked with a large number of food processing factory to collect clean, discarded wet pea residues for drying and sterilization. Based on years of experience in product development, we also add other pure plant-based ingredients such as corn flour, guar gum (made from natural guar beans) and starch, which are blended in scientific proportions to further improve the clumping and deodorizing properties of PetOneCat™ Tofu Cat Litter. In terms of processing, our latest product reduces the diameter size of PetOneCat™ Tofu Cat Litter from 2.0mm to 1.5mm, which has better clumping effect (faster clumping, less sticky less dispersion) and water absorption effect  (faster water absorption, saving cat litter usage)  At the same time, the smaller particles make it softer for cats to step on, making it suitable for older cats or those with injured paws.
PetOneCat™has been continuing to develop better tofu cat litter products and are committed to doing more to help environment worldwidely.