What should I do if my cat wets the bed?

When it comes to cat urine, cat owners know that the smell is really hard to describe.
In the morning, handling cat poop is a refreshing and invigorating experience.
That's the secret to not being late for work every day.
But the joy of getting a perfect attendance award is so short-lived, because all I get is a puddle of cat urine on my bed when I get home!
I believe that many cat owners have the same experience with me, today we will talk about what to do when the cat wets the bed?
Analysis of the cause
The most critical point of bedwetting in cats is that we must first find the cause, and only by finding the cause can we prescribe the right medicine to solve the problem.
First we have to rule out whether it is pathological or not. The way to determine this is: there are many places in the bed or elsewhere in the house, and the amount of urine in each piece is a little, and there may only be a small urine mass in the litter box. In this case, there is a problem with the cat's urinary system, so please seek immediate medical attention.
There is another situation, which is when the cat is in heat. When a cat is in heat, it will urinate and will "a~aw~", sounding like a baby's cry and a little miserable. Female cats will also pout. Cats in heat can only be de-sexed after heat, and may also urinate for a while after de-sexing.
If it is a large bubble of urine on the sheets, it means that the cat is urinating normally and can control itself. Here we can't blame the cat either, but first we need to find the cause of the problem:
1. Not cleaning up the cat's poop in time. Take a look at the litter box to see if there is too much poop and urine? Cats who love cleanliness can only find a clean place to pee, the blanket is soft and absorbent, how suitable to pee on it.
2. The cat can not find the litter box. Common situations are: the door of the room is closed and the cat cannot reach the litter box; the litter box has moved; the litter box has been washed and is still drying.
3. Changed the cat litter. The new cat litter is still very different from the original cat is not used to. Material, particle size, fragrance of different cats may not accept.You can choose petonecat pure plant-based litter, which is easier for cats to adapt to.
4. The cat litter is too little. General cat litter should be laid at least 3 cm or more. If there is only a little pot bottom left, the cat may judge that this sand can not bury my taste, thus transferring to the bed.
5. Environmental changes. Just moved to a new home, the cat may wet the bed because of the stress reaction.
6. A new cat comes to the house. Cat peeing is also an act of sovereignty, telling other cats "this is my territory". If a new cat comes into the house, it is possible that this situation may arise because of the land grab, it is best to isolate the new cat from the old cat. In addition, some people have encountered other cats passing by the window, causing their cats to "mark their territory" in bed.
7. If the cat just received home soon, the relatively high probability is that the cat is not fully adapted to the litter box, here to do a good job of training cats with the litter box.
What to do after a cat wets the bed
1. According to the above cause analysis, find the root cause and circumvent the recurrence of this situation.
2. If the bed sheet is soiled by urine, to promptly clean the bed sheet. Take the old comforter to the sun. If the cat can still smell its own urine, it will think it is OK to pee here. To prevent your cat from wetting the bed again, if the cat urine on the comforter is not washed, it is best to throw it away. It is best not to use the old comforter until the new one arrives.
3. Take the quilt to be washed. Here you can first rinse it twice with water to dilute the concentration of cat urine, and then be sure to put more washing powder/detergent for a long soak. If you have something like deodorant at home, you can spray some.
4. Isolate the cat from the bed, do not let it can go to the bed for a period of time, it is best to close the door of the room, otherwise it will develop the habit of thinking it is the toilet.
5. Spray some odor that the cat does not like on the quilt, so that the cat will not run to this place.
Can you educate the cat
1. Cats don't remember things, and it's ineffective to wet the bed and then grab it and give it a reprimand or even a fat beating. It is likely to be faced with a kitty that does not know what to do.
2. If the cat happens to be seen wetting the bed, caught on the spot and immediately educated, it is useful that the cat can build up awareness.