About Us

PetOneCat is a brand that focuses on developing and designing pet products. We hope that our products, will help pet lovers to have a more scientific and easier way to keep their pets. At the same time, let the pets experience more enjoyment in their life together with us.

We are a company born in the United States, mainly operating in Australia and Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, China and other Asian markets. In 2022, we returned to the U.S. to share the best quality and best-selling pet cat products in Asia, and registered the new PetOneCat brand.

PetOneCat's first product to enter the U.S. is the good-to-use and environmentally friendly Tofu Cat Litter, which is also the best quality Tofu Cat Litter in Australia and Asia. Tofu cat litter is made from pea residue that would otherwise be thrown away as garbage. However, it has been reused and turned into a natural, environmentally friendly, fast clumping, water soluble cat litter product. It makes life healthier for cats and cat owners, and help to take some of the stress out of cat parenting.

We always believe that good products will be recognized by customers from all over the world through quality. In addition to Tofu Cat Litter, PetOneCat will bring other well-developed and designed, healthy and useful pet products back to the U.S. We hope to make you easier to PetOneCat.